A very strenuous, intense labor of love, each unique jewelry piece is handcrafted, hand cut and handwoven. One piece of jewelry can take up to several weeks to be made.  The Dok Phikoun Flower is the ancient centerpiece of our jewelry. To create this flower, We hand run our silver through a flattener until it becomes a very fine silver wire, after we hand run that fine wire through a spindle to create the petals to the flower. As the center of the flower is being melted, the spiral has to be uniformly cut by hand to be heated and adjoined with a very tiny silver beaded centerpiece. Then a single flower is soldered to a base of thicker strands of silver woven together like fabric. That is just for a single Dok Phikoun Flower in one piece of jewelry. One jewelry piece can have hundreds of flowers in them... Every handcrafted piece of jewelry has that level of attention to detail.  Each piece has a story and is a truly a timeless handcrafted tradition that our family is proud to preserve.

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