Specializing in fine silver pieces, Blanc de Noir & Co. strives to create pieces of not only quality, but that of the utmost uniqueness by blending in old world historical charm with our modern growing times. Each piece, is a reflection of our passion to preserve this rare art form of handmade jewelry.

Our family owned business began with a handful of pieces made to order over 40 years ago. This started out as a way to keep food on the table and help keep our family afloat during rough struggling times.  Just enough raw silver could be afforded each month to make a few pieces. When the pieces were made, then sold, our family would in turn buy more raw silver and repeat the process for decades to come. In ancient times these pieces were worn by Lao royalty; with pride our family kept this ancient art form alive, which proved difficult for the first several decades due to the high poverty in Laos and rollover effects of the Vietnam War.


Our families belief, passion and trust in our handcraft, has made it possible to grow our life’s work from several pieces long ago, to now creating several hundred designs today. Now, with over 4 decades of experience in making our unique handmade pieces, our family strives to continue to grow and build our family legacy. Our hopes are  this art form will one day spread throughout the world to be enjoyed and worn by many. We take pride in everything we do, from the very start of our production, to the moment it leaves our hands onto yours. Every handcraft piece embodies the pinnacle of Lao history and handmade work.

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